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File Upload Instructions

1. Your hand pose predictions for the test examples are expected to be contained in a single Comma-separated values (CSV) file.

2. The name of your algorithm must be unique. It cannot clash with names of algorithms that are already present in our system. In order to ensure this, you can click on the 'View Evaluation Table' tab on the top of this page and check whether the name that you want to provide for your algorithm already exists in the evaluation results table.

3. Instructions regarding the structure of the CSV file to be uploaded:-

  • Before you upload your result file into our system, you need to combine all the pose estimation predictions of the test examples into a single CSV file. In your CSV file, every subject must be represented by 29 lines (since there are 29 poses), with each line containing 60 comma-separated values (since there are 20 joints and each joint has a x, y, z coordinate) following the hand kinematic model. Since our test dataset contains depth information for 15 subjects, the resultant CSV file should contain 15 subjects * 29 poses = 435 lines (each line with 60 comma-separated values). If this requirement is not satisfied, our system would reject the uploaded CSV file.

  • Moreover, care must be taken about the order of the poses and subjects in the CSV result file that you will be uploading. It is important to make sure that the subjects are arranged in alphabetical order and for each subject, the 29 lines of pose data must also be arranged in alphabetical order (starting from poses 1-10 and then poses A-Z). If this is not ensured, our evaluation of your algorithm might not provide you with the correct results.

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